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About Us

Welcome to Tubby Dolls Ragdolls!  My name is Marcie York, and my love of Ragdolls began when I purchased my first baby boy, Valor.  Since then, Ragdolls have become my passion, prompting me to start my very own small, cage less cattery in my Virginia home.  Here at Tubby Dolls, I pride myself on raising healthy and irresistible Ragdolls to be the perfect addition to any family.  My gorgeous kittens are well socialized due to the individual love and attention that they receive on a daily basis.  


In my breeding program,  I strive to produce healthy kittens that equal or exceed the Ragdoll standard set forth by TICA and CFA.  I am dedicated to producing kittens with loving temperaments, silky soft coats, large body size and the beautiful deep blue eyes that Ragdolls are known for.  I breed traditional and lynx patterns, producing bi-color, mitted, and color point markings in both blue and seal color points.


I test all breeders for both Maine Coon and Ragdoll HCM (all DNA testing submitted to North Carolina State University) and ensure that all test results are Negative/Negative prior to breeding.  This ensures the health and longevity of my Ragdolls, allowing them to be wonderful companions for you for many years to come.  


Loving and caring for my Ragdolls is my passion.  I know that Tubby Dolls will be able to help you find the new companion that is just purrfect for you!




Marcie York

​​Contact us to find your purrfect companion today!

Fill out our contact form to the right or feel free to call us directly at

(910) 409-4056 to get more information on our top notch breeding program.  Reserve your new kitten today before it's too late!


If you are interested in adding one of our beautiful Ragdolls to your family, feel free to call us directly or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to obtain more information on starting your very own Ragdoll family.  


We require a short application process to ensure that our Ragdolls go to the best possible homes.  Once approved, you are free to reserve one of the available kittens with an initial deposit.  If there are currently no kittens available or you are looking for a particular gender/color marking, we are more than happy to reserve your spot on our waiting list.  


Our kittens vary in price based upon whether they are pet, breeder, or show quality.  


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